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Your CEO/CFO interview - a 15 to 20 minute interview detailing your products, services, differentiators, growth strategy - - Why People Should Pay Attention to Your Company.

Give your company the exposure it deserves:

With an average of 60,000 plus unique visits monthly to from potential customers, partners, investors, distributors, government agencies and others, weekly marketing emails, newsletter and press release distribution that reaches millions of additional media, search engines, businesses and individuals, CEOCFO Magazine presents a compelling opportunity to share your company story with execs and companies in over 100 countries.

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“We were very pleased with the document transcript and also the impact CEOCFO Media had in terms of new investors” Julie Muraco, StoneCastle Financial Corp

“Thank you for all that you have done. We are excited about the feedback that we are getting from the interview.” Carissa Drews, MediPines Corporation

“This article helped us secure the services of Madison Street Capital in Chicago to get us to the Capital Markets for the funding raise. They called me a couple weeks ago and when I asked how they found out about us the guy said the CEOCFO Magazine article. It was an excellent outcome for us and I do have to say thank you for the opportunity.  Keep up the great work!!” David D. Ramjohn, Chief Executive Officer, AlgEternal Technologies LLC

“Thank you for the update.  Your platform continues to impress for both readership and SEO.” Jesse Garant, President, Jesse Garant Metrology Center

“Thanks for the follow-up on the Viveve interview in CEOCFO.  I’m gratified that there continues to be interest a couple of months after its publication.” Patricia Scheller, Viveve

“Today I had a call from an Investment Banker who had read the interview with Element Orthopedics.  Turns out they are interested to meet asap.” Don Kennedy, President, Element Orthopedics, Inc.

“We had a large investor looking at us last week who has agreed to invest several million - mostly due to your article! We owe you a lot.”  Nelson Scharadin, BeckerSmith Medical, Inc.

We look forward to working with you in expanding the reach of your story. To schedule your interview, receive a CEOCFO Media Guide and discuss our programs, products and services, call 352-431-3400.

To schedule your CEOCFO interview or for information on our products, services and programs costs email or call 727-480-7070.

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To schedule your CEOCFO interview or for information on our products, services and programs costs email or call 727-480-7070.